Robyn Gosbell

Robyn Gosbell


Robyn Gosbell

Robyn Gosbell’s art comes from her heart and an extremely fertile mind. At an early age she was taught to look, listen and observe all around her. Her love of nature is embedded in her very soul, as is evidenced in her sensitive use and observation of light and shade in her scenic paintings in oil, pastel and acrylic. Her choice of individual subjects is always treated in an exceptional way.


Robyn’s love of drawing and art began at the age of 12, when she came to the attention of well known Sydney artist Robert Grieve. She was a keen pupil and learned well under his auspices and completed her Fine Art Certificate Course in 1983 with distinction.


She has been working professionally for many years, and has been world acclaimed with prizes and commendations. In 2007 she attended the Saci University in Florence where her oil paintings were also awarded distinctions. Her travels to Italy, France, and Europe have influenced her, but she continues to express her deep love for Australia and the unique attributes of its people and landscape. Recent works have captured the magic of the Kimberley and Kakadu and the beautiful beaches and parklands of Sydney. Many of her paintings over the years have found their way into public and private collections all over the world, and her commissions have been prolific and highly desired.


For many years she has traveled the Australian countryside gaining knowledge of the landscape and its people, cementing them in her mind until she can transfer them to canvas in whatever medium will embellish the true colour and feel of the area. In a recent competition in 2009, having been awarded the major prize for her pastel of the Irish landscape, the judges endorsed their selection and noted her ability to “really convey how she felt about Ireland”.


She has been winning prizes and competitions since she first began painting, but has been generous with her gift in sharing it with others, as she writes for Art Magazines, is requested to judge art competitions, critiques Art Society Groups and teaches other budding artists. Her classes are singled out by students and other artists wishing to expand their knowledge.

Her chosen medium at the moment is acrylic as they express the true colours and magic of her recent paintings. But she is equally proficient in Oils, Pastels, drawing and etching, having won awards in all mediums.

Robyn has a strong client following at many Galleries throughout New South Wales. Her work can be found in many parts of the world and she has been commissioned to convey the history of some of the largest private schools to hang in their collections.

Other commissions have reflected the personal memories of her clients, including special portraits of loved ones.

“Robyn Gosbell is truly a great Australian, who quietly plies her craft and gains pleasure from those who love and covet her work”

L Burke - Private Collector